About Us

Welcome to the Ensemble Hanabi about us page! I am the President of Ensemble Hanabi, Tsubasa Okada. We are an NPO and an ensemble performance group that was newly established in July of 2020 and incorporated in October of 2020. Especially under the current pandemic situation, we hope to endeavor the revitalization of the community through our strong passion for music and to share cultures from around the world. 

We currently are an ensemble of seven, and our grades range from middle and school to high school. Our activities include but are not limited to outdoor and indoor concerts, summer camps, and piano presentations. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or are interested in our activities! Our Gmail is ensemblehanabi@gmail.com. 



Our Location:

3017 Woodland Ridge Dr.

West Bloomfield, MI 48323


We are a group consisting of large ethnic varieties including Americans, Japanese, and Africans, and we all love music! Since we have incorporated in October of 2020, our vision has been to extend our passion for music and share cultures from around the world. 


One big component of our performance is improvisation, where each member come up with their own melody while playing. We follow the TMU (Teaching Musical Understanding) method to foster children’s creativity and develop strong musical foundation. 


Our group mainly focuses on marimba, piano, and singing, while we incorporate many other instruments including Taiko (Japanese drum), snare drum, Djembe (African drum), guitar, bell, etc. 

For quick reference, please feel free to visit our past concerts page!

Past Concerts