Upcoming Schedule


March 2023

DIA (Detroit Institute of arts)

Hinamatsuri festival


March 2023

Niji-iro Elementry school Open House

Time: 17:00~19:00


May 2023

Japanese Koi Festival

Bell Isle

Time: 13:00~13:30


June 2023

Farmers Market

Time: T


June 2023

Ensemble Hanabi Music Summer Camp

Time: 9:00- 12:00



Our Concerts 


Hello! I am the leader of Ensemble Hanabi, Tsubasa Okada. 

Our first debut concert was the Farmington Farmers Market Concert in the fall of 2020 when we were still unincorporated as a nonprofit. In midst of the pandemic, unable to host any indoor concerts, we sincerely thank Mr. Walter for providing us the opportunity to perform at the Farmers Market. 

We have grown since, thanks to the significant support by our members and volunteers, and the JBSD and Farmer Market grants have been especially helpful to fund subsequent concerts, summer camps, and other activities.  

We have also borrowed the Nagadou Daiko and Shime Daiko from the Great Lakes Taiko Center, and we give our sincere appreciation to Eileen Ho san and Larry An san who have greatly supported us in the process. 

This year, we are planning to host 4 concerts during the summer across 2 separate days. We know this year has been an unexpected one, and we believe that many of our lives have been greatly impacted in both positive and negative ways. 

We are hoping that, through the potential of music, we can revitalize the community and provide space for our audiences to refresh their mind in midst of the COVID outbreak and their busy lives!

Our concerts are completely free, as we would like to share our passion for music with as many people as possible! From children and students to adults, please come visit if you would like to have some stimulus in your long summer break, or have some time to relax and enjoy live music. 

Please visit the Farmington Farmers Market to view additional information about the market and the location. It is full of fresh vegetables, fruits, drinks, as well as donuts, ice cones, and more! 

FFarmers Market WebsiteF

General Info

This is general information regarding our concerts. Since we have incorporated as Ensemble Hanabi, our mission has been to share our passion for music and foster cultural amalgamation and understanding among different cultures including America, Japan, Africa, and more. 

Reflecting upon this mission, we incorporate songs from many genres and countries, such as Yagibushi, which is a cultural song from Japan, One Moment in Time, which is a famous piece sang by Whitney Houston, and the Theme of Lupin III, which is a piece from a classic anime. 

Our performance also focuses on the free expression of the students, and it includes improvisations, in which the students create their original melodies while playing, real-time. This is a very challenging, yet exciting task, and we are collectively getting better over numerous practices. 





The piano was the first instrument that we Ensemble Hanabi members have all started with! Contrary to the simplicity of making sounds by only hitting the keys compared to brass and woodwind instruments, numerous techniques lie within the piano. This ranges from reading the treble and bass clefs, reading chords, and most of all expressing the dynamics unique to a piano. Piano’s full term is actually pianoforte from the Italian origin since the piano was one of the first instruments invented that could control its loudness and tone. The piano will accompany singing and some marimba pieces, and sometimes even lead a piece. 



Marimba is an instrument consisting of “black keys” and “white keys” that allows chromatic scales, similar to a piano, while they are actually quite different from a piano. Ranging from wrist movements to tremolo and grips to hold two mallets in one hand, it consists of completely new techniques. This is one of the main instruments used in our Farmers Market performances and other concerts. 



Taiko actually translates to “drum” in English, and it is a traditional drum that originated and is actively used in Japan. We give special thanks to the Great Lakes Taiko Center for lending us their Nagadou Daiko and Shime Daiko, which are specific types of Taikos. We have been working to incorporate this instrument in a traditional Japanese piece called Yagibushi, along with marimbas and other percussion instruments. We also are working on Taiko improvisations during this piece! 



Past Concerts

Interested in our past concerts? Click the link below!

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