Hanabi  Member

 Noa Picciano


Website Administrator

Merch/Poster Designer


Age: 17      Music Experience: Hip Hop Dance (11 yrs), Gymnastics (6 yrs),  Piano (4 yr), Guitar(2 yrs), Marimba (4 yrs)

As the newest member of Hanabi, I would like to try my best to improve my self in order to keep up with the other members of Hanabi.  As of right now I am in charge of the Website design and management of Hanabi. I am currently studying coding to make the website function better and look more polished so it is more accessible for many people. I also make the Posters/Flyers for Hanabi Concerts and designed the member T-shirts.

Despite the following, I would like to mainly focus as a performer and entertain people with our music and Performances. 


Clementine  Kanfom


Sound Director

Age: 17      Instruments: Piano (7 yrs), Marimba, African Drums (8 yrs), Cello (3 yrs)

I initially joined hanabi to expand my knowledge on how to play marimba, but now I love the thrill of performing at different areas, and expressing myself in front of an audience.

I do plan on going to university, so I can study to become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Cloud James




Age: 16      Instruments: Piano (8 yrs), Trumpet(3 yrs), and Marimba(2 yrs)

With Hanabi I want to be able to bring happiness to people through music.

In the future I am attending college to work in the medical field or musical field.


Haruna Delphia

Accountant Assitant

Age: 16      Instruments: Piano (6-7 yrs), marimba (3-4 yrs), percussion (1 yr), african drums(6 yrs)

I’d like to achieve a successful NPO that hosts events, performs often in varying festivals and places and teaches younger kids.

For the future, I am achieving to either be an architect or a psychologist.

Emily McCauley


Age: 14      Instruments: Piano (8 yrs), Marimba (3 yrs), Snare Drum (1 yr)

I am in Hanabi because I want to achieve music skill, experience and teamwork.

In the future I might want to take a career in TMU Music or possibly be an engineer.

Hinako Motai


Age: 15      Instruments: Piano (10 yrs), Marimba (2 yrs), Trombone (1 yr)

I want to challenge myself to play different genres of music and get better at performing in front of people in solo and ensemble.

In the future I want to be an elementary school teacher!